Reprap T-Shirt

I’ve made myself another T-shirt. Starting with this image:


I loaded it into iDraw then traced around it with a mix of straight lines and bezier curves to produce a stencil which I cut as a mask on my silhouette cameo:


In the end I decided to go with a simple black sillhouete look for this mask though I may still do another version of this t-shirt in future with the same mask painted in several colours.


Next I cut masks of the reprap logo and the words
“Making Friends” in a stencil font. These I painted with fluorescent paints – green for the reprap logo and yellow blue and pink for the letters:


Overall I’m really pleased with the result. There are a couple of rough bits if you look closely but it’s been too long since I painted a t-shirt so that’s just me being out of practice. The mask I made of Mandy Mendle is good enough I can identify it as not just a reprap but my reprap and doing the masks on the silhouette means I can easilly duplicate them any time I want to do another version.