I bought myself another camera…

Actually I bought myself a lens. It just happened to come with a camera attached. The lens is a Pentacon 1.8/50 which works very nicely on my NEX5R with an M42 adaptor. I did some test shots on a lunchtime walk from work which are here (yes I am really lucky with how scenic it is near where I work). I really like the narrow depth of field you can get with it and the sharp in the centre soft around the edges look it gives when open all the way up that gives a somewhat dreamlike quality to some of the shots (the horse and rowboat in particular). I suppose technically it’s more “bad in a nice way” than “good” but I like it. It’s also a way better macro lens than the NEX kit 18-55; see the shot of the bluebottle.
Having got the Praktica I am going to put some film through it. In fact I’ve already loaded it with Ilford HP5. I rather fancy doing some black and white the old fashioned way and maybe even having a go at developing (which I have done before but it was 30 years ago).