So a while ago I kickstartered 3Doodler. I got in early and got one of the first 100 released and it arrived last week. So this weekend I have been playing with it and so far I have come up with some weird cocoon lights:


The cocoon lights are UV cold cathode tubes all wrapped up in fluorescent PLA filament. Mostly I used the fluoro blue filament I already had a spool of but there’s some of the white PLA that came in the sample pack with the 3Doodler as that also fluoresces strongly and adds a bit of variety.

Also in that picture is my laser cut fluro-acrylic Mandy Mendel light which I finally got around to attaching a cold cathode to the edge of using the 3Doodler to apply PLA as a sort of more robust hot glue – I like the organic blobby texture it gives it with little bits of fluro PLA peaking out from the top coat of opaque.