When I used to go camping as a child/teenager we used to use paraffin pressure stoves such as Primus, Optimus and a variety of British makes such as Monitor and Valour. For my 18th birthday my parents gave me such a stove - a rather fine Valour one. That stove has since been with me on almost every camping trip I’ve been on for  last quarter century. I also discovered a couple of years ago while giving it a bit of a service that there’s a date stamp on the bottom and it was made in 1907 - so it’s now a genuine antique.

Over the last few years I’ve added a few more stoves to that including a new old stock 1950’s Monitor, a Monitor ’touring’, a Burmos ‘travelling’ and a Valour ‘pack away’ stove - so I now have pack away stoves with their own tins in small, medium and large. I’m not planning on buying any more stoves at the moment though I could maybe be tempted if an extremely large or multi-headed stove came along.