I’ve never really been that much of a car person. I was and am a biker. I’ve had the use of various cars and vans over the years but never actually owned one until I was 40. The first car I owned was a Mitsubishi Delica L400. This is a huge vehicle by British standards - although partly it’s the chunky off road styling with bars all over the front that give that impression. It is very tall - at 2.10M it’s too tall for most British multi-storey car parks and you look down on things like Range Rovers. It’s small enough to fit in a standard car parking space though and big enough inside to seat seven six foot tall people and still have some luggage space. Fuel economy could be an issue. At a constant 60 miles an hour you could get 30mpg. Get enthusiastic and you could get the mpg figure into single digits.

The 2.8 turbo diesel engine was an utter torque monster and with 4 wheel drive meaning it could put it all down it was capable of surprising hot hatches off the line (though of course you’d get passed pretty soon after) it was also switchable into 2 wheel drive mode which was rear wheel drive if you fancied a bit of tale out fun. Oh and the 4 wheel drive system ran to low ratio and diff locks so was capable of some fairly serious off road play. Mine was unusual in that had a manual gearbox – automatics are much more common.

A blown head gasket took it off the road and almost meant I missed seeing my Mum on what turned out to be the last time I saw her alive. I got the bits to fix it but never managed to raise the enthusiasm to finish the job after bad weather and no-where indoors that would fit such a large vehicle delayed it. Life had changed so I no longer needed to carry large numbers of people on a regular basis so when someone knocked on the door and asked me if I wanted to sell it we came to an agreement.