3D Printing

Mandy MendelI saw my first 3D printer at Maker Faire in Newcastle and had the strongest technolust “Want - must have!” feeling since I saw my first ZX81 all those years ago. It took another year to get the finances together but then (just after the next Maker Faire) I got the bits together and built myself an origional mendel. Once I’d built it up the first thing I made after a few test pieces was a kit of plastic parts for a prusha mendel which I gave to a friend who liked the idea of 3D printing. I made a few other things, including a bracket to mount my iPhone on my motor bike for use as a GPS, and some little compartment boxes to put the screws on when stripping down laptops and the like.

This year at Maker Faire I took my mendel (Mandy Mendel as she's now called) with me with my Raspberry Pi attached and acting as a print spooler running octoprint. Unfortunately I had a few problems which meant Mandy wasn't printing at the show but that didn't really matter. I will no-doubt get her working again soon and I got to talk to lots of interesting people.